WATCH: CCTV video of Resorts World before and after attack

Finally, the PNP has released a CCTV video of the gunman who took 38 lives including himself at the Resorts World Manila. The police also identified the gunman as Jose Javier Carlos. He is a father of 3 and buried with debt of P4million. Report says that he was an ex-employee of Department of Finance as tax analyst.

Carlos got addicted in gambling. He failed to show his assets when asked by the ombudsman prompting his termination. He sold some of his properties and cars to feed his gambling addiction. He might have had a very bad days recently that prompted him to rob RWM Casino and eventually killed several people. Click Below to Watch Video:

The CCTV video shows how he entered so calm and broke the security line at the Casino and stormed the place with his baby armalite. The video shows also how he deliberately poured gas on the table and carpets that may have caused the suffocation of the 38 victims of his insanity.

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