READ: Cayetano lectures ABS-CBNews

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, while still in Geneva to defend the country before the United Nation, was still able to write an open letter to news network ABS-CBN for ‘misleading the the people’ and ‘ destroying the freedom of the press.

Cayetano compares ABS-CBN’s report to GMA. Read his full open letter below.

Dear ABS-CBN,Your article, Exhibit A, shows how supposed professional news media can politicize human rights and mislead people by giving alternative facts and fake news.

…Compare your article:…/cayetano-ph-war-on-drugs-exaggera…

With’s article:…/cayetano-defends-duterte…/story/

While GMA reported accurately why we called the alternative facts as misleading (because the EJK or deaths in past administrations numbered from 11,000 to 14,000 yearly) comparing it to the 9432 homicides and 2692 deaths resulting from presumed legitimate law enforcement operations, your article simply mentioned the 9432 and 2692 then jumped to New York Times’ “9400 drug death toll” and Reuters’ 9000, without mentioning the 11,000 to 14,000. Therefore denying your readers the information they need to make an informed opinion. You denied them the context of Team Philippines’ assertions making it appear we are just complaining without the real numbers and true facts to counter the altetnative facts. Click to Watch Video Below:

Actually both articles failed to mention that the CHR and critics are not using the same definition of EJKs under the Aquino Administration, making it appear that EJKs ballooned during Duterte Administration, and asserting that it is state sponsored.

But you could see GMA’s effort to report accurately while ABS’ effort is to perpetuate the false numbers/alternative facts.

Here in Geneva, we are not promoting/defending any administration, we are advocating for the Filipino people and the Philippines as a sovereign state. So ABS, its time to decide, will you report accurately and help your country or will you continue to politicize human rights for your owners political and business goals?

There are many many professionals and great journalist in ABS-CBN, I understand the situation you are all in. But haven’t you always reminded us politicians that keeping quiet or not doing what we can is helping evil prevail? Will we all just go with the flow of the bosses’ agenda? If yes, then it’s your network that is damaging freedom of the press not President Duterte or his administration.

May we learn from all these.

GOD Bless The Philippines!Senator Alan Peter Cayetano