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WATCH: ‘Goodbye Delima’ scares PNP Chief Bato

PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa led the confiscation of illegal fireworks in Bulacan. One of the loudest yet illegal is the so called ‘Goodbye De lima’ which surprised the PNP Chief when it smoked while he presented it to the media, Wednesday.WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

Chief Bato threw the said firework and ran away. One police from Bulacan took it and poured water on it to stop further damage.

It seems Bato is afraid to loose his fingers. Like and watch the video.

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Video source: GMAnewsTV

What Duterte pledges for NinaPh victims?

Pili, Camarines Sur – Just as soon as Christmas Day typhoon Nina left the Philippine territory and even before local residents could clear the streets of fallen trees and blown roofs, President Rody Duterte flew to two of the most devastated provinces in the Bicol Region – Catanduanes and Camarines Sur – and vowed immediate rehabilitation efforts with an initial commitment of P500-million for agriculture and fisheries.The President arrived in Virac, Catanduanes at past 2 p.m. straight from Davao City and was joined by five Cabinet secretaries – Agriculture, Social Welfare, Energy, Education and Defense – and several undersecretaries in a short ceremony in the provincial capitol of Catanduanes in Virac town.

In Virac, President Duterte approved the allocation by the Dept. of Agriculture of P55-M for the immediate rehabilitation of the Abaca industry of Catanduanes, the release of rice seeds and fertilisers for about 5,000 hectares and the repair of fisheries instrastructure.

Typhoon Nina damaged 85% of the standing Abaca of Catanduanes which at 33,000 hectares is the biggest single producer of the natural fibre in the world today.

From Virac, President Duterte flew by helicopter to Pili, Camarines Sur where local officials led by Governor Miguel Villafuerte met him at the provincial capitol for a short ceremony.

The President initially committed P50-M in rehabilitation funds and seeds and fertilisers for the estimated 21,000 hectares of damaged rice farms.WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:

But after his speech, when I showed him the updated report which was submitted to me while he was already speaking which indicated that the damage to agriculture and fisheries alone could reach P3-B, President Duterte said he was increasing his commitment to P500-M.

Of the amount, P300-M will come from the President’s funds while the remaining P200-M will be sourced from the funds of the Dept. of Agriculture.

“I hope you could recover your bearing,” the President told the crowd which gathered in front of the Camarines Sur Provincial Capitol even as he urged local officials to be conscious of the threats of climate change.

The President suggested that since the Bicol Region faces threats of typhoons being the country’s first window facing the Pacific Ocean, people must learn to adapt.

He suggested that houses must have sturdy designs to withstand strong winds adding that “This is a reality which we must accept.”

“Do not despair. Government will help. Life must go on. Recover your bearings,” he told the crowd.

The President flew back to Davao City just before dark while the members of the Cabinet took an Air Force plane back to Metro Manila.

Today will be another working day. | Manny Piñol

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While Leni is in US, look where Duterte spends Xmas

Despite of his tight schedule, President Rodrigo Duterte was still able not to break his tradition every Christmas – to visit the children with cancer in Southern Philippines Medical Center, Davao City.

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LOOK: Photos of Filipinos, Duterte in Singapore that irk Yellowtards

President Rodridgo Duterte went to Singapore to meet its Prime Minister Lee Hseing Loong. Surprisingly, thousands of Filipinos fell in line and gathered in Singapore Expo to see Duterte.

These photos of the dutertards in Singapore will surely irk the eyes of the yellow armies who have been torturing the image of the President since he got the Presidency. Despite of some Media blurring the facts, Tatay Digong remains favorite of the Majority. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:

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WATCH: Thousands of Filipinos fall in line to see Duterte in Singapore

Thousands of Filipinos went to Singapore Expo to meet Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte today. A video of queuing filipinos outside the building became viral.

Singapore prime minister Lee Hsein Loong was earlier spotted eating durian together with Duterte after eating lunch together with other Philippine delegates.WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:

You would see how Filipino Community warmly welcomed Duterte. 

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LOOK: Ph flags raised, Duterte photo in Cambodia street

President Rodrigo Duterte’s charisma has been felt by the Philippine neighboring countries. Duterte has been going around the countries for a state visit raking productive bilateral deals with other countries.

The latest is his visit in Cambodia where the Philippine flag is raised while a gigantic photo is placed beside the Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni as Duterte expected to arrive in Cambodia.

Look how stunning Rody is – the rockstar President. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

cambodia-digong1 cambodia-digong2 cambodia-digong3 cambodia-digong4 cambodia-flag

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Cayetano ‘burns’ Leni Robredo

Earlier this week, Vice President Leni Robredo urged Senator Alan Peter Cayetano to stand and speak up against President Rody Duterte for burying former President Ferdinand Marcos in Libingan ng mga Bayani.

“I would have hoped that the outrage he showed during the campaign would still be the same until now. We understand that he’s fully supportive of the President, but that’s not enough reason for him to keep quiet,He should be more vocal about it now that they’re doing everything to get back to power” Robredo said.

Cayetano went to his facebook account to post his response which according to the netizens, Cayetano has burned Leni. Read the full statement below:

Response To Ma’am Leni:

Thank you for the challenge. Let me assure you I am doing what I can, in the manner that I believe I can be most effective.
Let me return the favor and also challenge you with the following:
Ask how and why the drug problem got so bad and out of control.WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:

Call out and demand that your LP allies involved in illegal drugs resign and be jailed.

Ask for justice for the SAF 44.
Ask for justice for tanim bala victims.
Ask for an investigation and justice on MRT anomalies.
Expose other LP personalities’ involvement in graft and corruption.
Ask for an investigation why despite expensive fees in the airport in the past admin, no CCTVs were purchased and installed.
Ask the PCIJ, Rappler and Inquirer to look into your donors and undeclared expenses during your campaign.
Ask ABS-CBN, and other media outlets that supported you to be fair and objective.

You were quiet about all of the above, but I respected your role and decision.

There’s much more, but in a nutshell I challenge you to stop campaigning and thinking of The Presidency and help attract investments, build infrastructure, create jobs and redistribute wealth in our country.

Let’s do it together.

loans cars health

WATCH: Bato defends Duterte, Lacson burns Trillanes

There will never be a peaceful senate hearing when the primary suspect of the case is part of the senate. Senator Leila de Lima joined the inquiry and grilled PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa for reinstating CIDG Chief Marcos on his post.

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Why was Robredo fired? Here’s the Palace statement

Resigning in a post is just a wise move to save your face. Like what Vice President Leni Robredo did, she didn’t allow the idea that she was just being fired by President Rody Duterte to handle the housing department. Why?

Read the full statement of the Palace regarding the issue:

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Leni: ‘I will not allow the Vice Presidency to be stolen’

After Vice President Leni Robredo received a text message from Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco that she will not be invited for future cabinet meetings which prompted her to resign today, December 4,2016.


Here is the full text of her statement:

We had hoped this day would not come.

I had been warned of a plot to steal the Vice Presidency. I have chosen to ignore this and focus on the job at hand. But the events of recent days indicate that this plot is now being set into motion.

From the very beginning, the President and I had major differences in principles and values. Since I assumed office, I have been consistent in my opposition to issues such as the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, extra-judicial killings, reinstating death penalty, lowering the age of criminal liability, and sexual attacks against women.

But we both had a mandate to serve the people. I had hoped that this shared commitment to the poor and marginalized would transcend the differences between us. So, I took the job of Housing Secretary when it was offered to me.

In barely five months, we have solid accomplishments in HUDCC. This, despite the obstacles thrown our way, which are:

One, the budget for all key shelter agencies in 2017 has been slashed by more than P19 billion. Two, all our key shelter agency appointment recommendations have not been acted on. Three, the Executive Order designed to make HUDCC effective was not signed.

Then, we received a text message last Saturday from Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco, Jr., relaying the President’s instruction through Bong Go for me “to desist from attending all Cabinet meetings starting this Monday, December 5.”

This is the last straw, because it makes it impossible for me to perform my duties. Hence, I am tendering my resignation from the Cabinet on Monday, December 5, 2016. With this resignation, you can expect that I will continue to support the positive initiatives of this administration and oppose those that are inimical to the people’s interest.

However, as your duly elected Vice President, I will not allow the Vice Presidency to be stolen. I will not allow the will of the people to be thwarted. I will continue to serve the Filipino family and fulfill their dream for a better life.

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