Kerwin Espinosa to name senators in drug trade

Son of the killed Albuera Mayor, Kerwin Espinosa who is also tagged as drug lord operating in Visayas is set to name the two senators who allegedly received money from his drug business.

Who are these two senators? Do we need to shake our head to identify Senator Leila de Lima? Of course, the first slot belongs to her. She has been tagged as the queen of the Bilibid Drug Trading with lovers in and out the cell.

The 2nd senator remains mysterious but it is easy to pick one among the yellow senators. Since day one, we have observed de lima and one male senator who has been noticeably helping her. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

Could it be Senator Antonio Trillanes? This man has been barking and spreading rabies in Duterte administration. De lima and Trillanes keep on painting muds on Duterte’s face. The purpose is very obvious.

Espinosa is scheduled to name his comrades in drug trade on November 23 with affidavit. Big personalities like police officials, congressmen, governors and 2 senators will be divulged. Espinosa’s application in a witness protection program is currently on process.

De lima, on the other hand, warned Kerwin that his cooperation with the Department of Justice will not save him from any possible death like what happened to his father. De lima has been pressing Duterte is behind the extra-judicial killing in the country.

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