Duterte orders not to accept aid from EU. Here’s why. 

The aid could be helpful during calamities and in case of massive shortage of goods. The previous government maintained its relations with the EU. 

But why does President Duterte ordered not to accept any help from these giant countries?

Here’s from the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella:

“The President has approved the recommendation of the Department of Finance not to accept grants and this is not necessarily humanitarian aid from the EU that may allow it to interfere with the internal policies of the Philippines. Click to Watch Video Below.

These grants pertain to particular projects or programs that have the potential of affecting the autonomy of the country.

 The Philippines reserves the right to accept loans and grants that help attain its objectives of promoting economic development inclusiveness and reducing poverty, attaining peace within its borders and with its neighbors, and fostering a law-abiding society.

 It also reserves the right to respectfully decline offers that do not achieve these goals and offers that allow foreigners to interfere with the conduct of its internal affairs.”