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WATCH: Cayetano dares Trillanes

Senator Alan Cayetano dared Trillanes to be the one who should prove that President Rody Duterte has such billions in his bank account.

Cayetano said that it is the accuser should let us believe that Duterte hides such huge amount of money. He also shared his comments on Napoles issue.

Trillanes said that Duterte has been into corruption since he was a Mayor in Davao City. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

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Inday Sara shares tips for ‘chubbies’ how to pose like Baste’s gfs

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte shared tips to chubby women out there who would want to capture the heart of her brother Sebastian Duterte.

On her instagram and facebook account, Inday Sara posted a photo of her with tips on how to pose on the beach and look like Baste’s girlfriends like Kate Necesario and actress Ellen Adarna especially when you’re chubby.

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Is that President Duterte at the last row of a commercial plane? 

President Rody Duterte is not afraid for his life despite of the “Red Alert” status in Mindanao as he was seen sitting at the last row of an economy class portion of a commercial plane on January 5.

Caught on a mobile camera, Duterte was spotted along with his assitant Christopher Bong Go.

According to sources, Duterte was catching a flight to Manila after his spending ‘New Year’ vacation in Davao City. Click the Photos Below

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While Leni is in US, look where Duterte spends Xmas

Despite of his tight schedule, President Rodrigo Duterte was still able not to break his tradition every Christmas – to visit the children with cancer in Southern Philippines Medical Center, Davao City.

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Kerwin Espinosa to name senators in drug trade

Son of the killed Albuera Mayor, Kerwin Espinosa who is also tagged as drug lord operating in Visayas is set to name the two senators who allegedly received money from his drug business.

Who are these two senators? Do we need to shake our head to identify Senator Leila de Lima? Of course, the first slot belongs to her. She has been tagged as the queen of the Bilibid Drug Trading with lovers in and out the cell.

The 2nd senator remains mysterious but it is easy to pick one among the yellow senators. Since day one, we have observed de lima and one male senator who has been noticeably helping her. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

Could it be Senator Antonio Trillanes? This man has been barking and spreading rabies in Duterte administration. De lima and Trillanes keep on painting muds on Duterte’s face. The purpose is very obvious.

Espinosa is scheduled to name his comrades in drug trade on November 23 with affidavit. Big personalities like police officials, congressmen, governors and 2 senators will be divulged. Espinosa’s application in a witness protection program is currently on process.

De lima, on the other hand, warned Kerwin that his cooperation with the Department of Justice will not save him from any possible death like what happened to his father. De lima has been pressing Duterte is behind the extra-judicial killing in the country.

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LOOK: Moments of Duterte arrival Peru, may meet Putin

President Rodrigo Duterte arrived here Friday afternoon to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leader’s Meeting, his first engagement as chief executive outside Asia.

The president’s chartered plane landed at around 12:50 p.m. Duterte was welcomed by Peru culture minister Jorge Nieto and Peruvian ambassador to the Philippines Julio Cardenas Velarde.

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WATCH: De lima hits Gordon, walks out again

Senator Leila De lima walked out again at the senate hearing on EJK Monday evening after an heated argument of Senator Dick Gordon who is the Committee Chairman.

De lima took offense by according to her an insuniation of Gordon on a case she has been concealing of which Gordon denied for he didn’t know it since Matobato first appeared when Delima was the chair.

Before the walking out, the members of the committee hit Senator Trillanes for letting Matobato leave the premise when Trillanes and Matobato learned that there is an existing case filed against the latter which De lima kept it for herself.

Watch the video below:

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On Veloso: Duterte never said ‘Yes’ to execute her

Is this another case of “lost in translation?”Earlier today, Tempo editor Rey Bancod called to ask me to validate a news report coming from Jakarta, Indonesia quoting President Joko Widodo as saying that President Rody Duterte gave his “Go” signal for the execution of convicted drug mule Mary Jane Veloso.

This was followed by another interview by DZMM anchor Anthony “Ka Tunying” Taberna who also asked me the same question.

Well, here is my answer: No, I never heard President Duterte say that he was giving the Indonesian Government the “Go” signal to execute Veloso.

Why am I so sure?
Well, I was present during the bilateral talks between the Indonesian Government and the Philippine Government at the Istana Merdeka President Palace.

I was also present during the delivery of official statements by the two Presidents after the bilateral talks and I also joined the party during the State Dinner tendered by President Widodo for President Duterte and his Party.

During the bilateral talks, I was seated a chair away from President Duterte with Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. seated between us.

Across the table, Indonesian President Widodo was facing President Duterte and I was about two meters away from him.

Maybe it was out of habit that as a former newsman, I took notes of the exchange of statements between the two Presidents during the bilateral talks.

It was President Widodo who made the opening statement and President Duterte responded by reading a prepared statement.

I could not quote President Duterte verbatim but I am sure that the transcript of his statement would prove that what he said during the official statement was the following:

“We respect your laws. We will not interfere with your judicial processes but we are asking for clemency.”

That statement referred not only to the case of Veloso but also for the 105 Filipino fishermen who are now detained in different jails all over Indonesia for alleged illegal fishing activities.

So is this another case of “lost in translation?”
Only the Indonesian side could explain that.

As far as I am concerned and as a former journalist myself, I can state with certainty that during the official bilateral talks between the two leaders, President Duterte never said he was giving a “Go” signal for the execution of Veloso.

In fact, he did not even mention her name and only referred to her as a Filipino whose fate under Indonesian laws he would respect. 

This photo taken by DTI Sec. Mon Lopez using my Samsung S6 phone shows President Widodo seated across the table facing President Duterte while Sec. Yasay sits between me and the Philippine President. In front of me is a note pad and a ball pen which I used in taking down notes of the talks between the two Presidents. 

LOOK CLOSER: Sketch of Davao Blast suspect

The Philippine National Police has released a composite sketch of the prime suspect in the September 2 terrorist attack by bombing a night market in Davao City which left 14 dead and 67 injured.

The PNP said that the sketch is based on the witnesses description. The suspect was accordingly wearing a black bonet and a face mask.

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte has earlier said that she will give P2 million to those who can give her office an information about the suspect. 

The PNP also released a reconstructed pre-blast condition of an improvised explosive device used. See the sketches below.


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LOOK: P24M cash deposits by Delima staff

Senator Leila De lima has earlier denied allegations tagging her as drug lords protector even after the Department of Justice revealed witnesses who appeared to be staffs of the former DOJ secretary.

Documents from NBI show a P24 million cash deposits by Delima’s former clerk, Edna Bogs Obuyes. Obuyes is under probe now by NBI. Justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre III believes that Obuyes could not have an enormous amount of money considering her salary as clerk.

Cash deposit slips showed that the alleged deposits were made on March 7, 2014 (P4.8 million), March 21, 2014 (P7.2 million), April 4, 2014 (P2.6 million), April 18, 2014 (P4.8 million) and April 24, 2014 (P4.6 million). 

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